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Has Oral Cancer Therapy reached a "tipping point"?   Many oncology nurses would answer that question with a resounding "YES"!

Oral Adherence (ORA) is the newest Focus Group approved by the ONS Board of Directors in March 2014. Our first two meetings were  literally standing room only with nurses interested in learning more about how to improve adherence to oral chemotherapy for their patients.  What works....was the question of the day.  Followed by... how can I provide cancer chemotherapy education when the patient spends so little (if any) time in my clinic?  And where can I find resources that will help us encourage patients to take their medications as prescribed?  

These are just a few questions that we hope to answer.  The focus group will provide nurses a forum to explore other's success stories and to implement evidence based practice.

The ORA Focus Group website will continue to grow with your feedback and engagement.  Visit often and offer us feedback!

Linda Kernick, RN, BSN, OCN
Oral Adherence Focus Group Conatact Person
Angie Noll, BSN, RN, RN, OCN, MBA, HCM
Oral Adherence Focus Group Virtual Community Co-editor
Laura Fennimore, DNP, RN
Oral Adherence Focus Group Virtual Community Co-editor


More than 40 oral anticancer agents have been approved in the U.S. with an estimated 35% of all pipeline anticancer drugs projected to be oral formulations.  The expansion of oral oncolytics in cancer care has shifted the site of care from infusion centers to patient’s home.  With this paradigm shift, concerns about adherence have also increased.  Oncology nurses across multiple practice settings support an increasing number of patients on oral cancer regimens, which poses unique education and monitoring challenges in the delivery of quality cancer care.

The primary objective of the focus group is to foster evidence-based practice in the delivery of quality care to patients prescribed oral oncolytics. 

Oral Adherence Focus Group Goals:

  • Recruit nurses within ONS who share a common desire to improve patient outcomes surrounding oral adherence
  • Utilize direct communication, the ORA Focus Group Virtual Community, ONS Connect and the ONS Congress to stimulate interest in the focus area
  • Conduct an educational needs assessment of the Focus Group membership using an online survey
  • Identify and share patient barriers to oral adherence and practice-level considerations for managing patients prescribed oral oncolytics
  • Build awareness of the ONS Adherence Toolkit, Oral Therapies for Cancer Course, and other resources

ONS Members interested in joining the Oral Adherence Focus group may contact the ONS Office at 412-859-6230 or email Carol DeMarco at cdemarco@ons.org.

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Member recruitment and focus group leadership opportunities

Continue to spread the word to colleagues about our mission to provide a networking forum to foster evidence-based practice in the delivery of quality care to patients taking oral oncolytics.  To join the focus group, any ONS member in good standing can contact Carol DeMarco by email or phone to be added to the membership roster:

Email:  cdemarco@ons.org

Phone:  412-859-6230

There are leadership opportunities available for anyone interested in taking on a more active role within the focus group.  Interested in getting more involved?  Contact me at the email below to discuss upcoming projects.


Linda M. Kernick, RN, BSN, OCN


Contact, ONS Oral Adherence Focus Group